Opening Lines

logo-mister-minchinMister Minchin lives in a world where…

  1. gay men are free to fuck and broadcast it on Twitter;
  2. speaking your truth can divide families, communities, and churches;
  3. sluts are pornographically glorified in the virtual world and blamed for HIV in the real world;
  4. printed books are now becoming a collector’s item;
  5. coming out as LGBT is a big thing and “outing” others is a past time;
  6. politics is still dominated by the rich, landed and powerful capitalists while the majority would rather live with the system instead of changing it;
  7. Regine Velasquez is a fading Songbird who stubbornly sticks to working with GMA while Mariah Carey is losing her voice and figure but not her diva attitude (P.S. I am a long-time fan of both so don’t crucify me.LOL);
  8. a powerful church known for endorsing politicians during elections can be accused of illegal detention, attempted murder and still be able to mobilize thousands of its members to demand government to drop investigations using ‘separation of church and state’ as argument;
  9. Filipinos reign on social media use and take pride in almost everything including holding a world record for the number of tweets for a hashtag;
  10. Daang Matuwid has inspired more rhetoric like Walang Maiiwan and other promises from people suffering from a Messianic complex;
  11. earth shattering disasters are a common occurrence every 2 or 3 years;
  12. calling someone maitim is still an insult and a joke;
  13. “reality” TV is dominant programming and is mostly scripted;
  14. anyone who plays a charming morena Yaya whose love interest is a wealthy-looking mestizo can achieve super stardom;
  15. the poor, the orphans, the displaced senior citizens, the sick and the oppressed are charity cases for company Christmas parties and those who need a selfie with them to wash away their guilt for being too busy to help seek justice with & for them;
  16. terrorism is a real threat and economies are always on the brink of collapse;
  17. call centers have survived and thrived beyond the 10 year doomsday prediction of earlier naysayers;
  18. karma is digital;
  19. Roderick Paulate is still playing gay roles after three decades and looks exactly the same in all;
  20. internet connection is forever slow and expensive;
  21. the extent of the people’s interest in a regional economic forum of leaders is summarized by its hashtag: #APECHotties
  22. according to the President’s popular sister, her sunburn is a suffering equal to the suffering of millions of citizens who endured the extraordinary traffic for a week (which also resulted, by the way, to a mother giving birth on a side street ‘coz it was impossible to reach the hospital in time for her delivery);
  23. the Jesus that Christians follow today is a lazy idol who wants everyone to be rich, comfortable, and has forgotten how it is to be a living, breathing, homeless rebel-teacher-prophet;
  24. love and sex are still the top-selling ingredients of anything.

Apparently, there is a lot to say about Mister Minchin’s world. Thus, this blog.