A Summer Affair in Tweets

During the first last April 14, I shared a series of tweets about one summer affair I had with a married former colleague. The tweeps gamely called it a #TweetSerye ‘coz there were time gaps in between tweets during the narration of the story. I received some “hate mail” from friends via DM ‘coz they kept on refreshing Twitter, waiting for the next update to appear. This interaction lasted for around two hours. So imagine the frustration! Bwahahaha. It was a fun night for us. I am sharing those tweets with you here as they appeared on my timeline.

If you have a hot summer escapade that you want to share with me or just want to ask for my perspective on your current situation, please feel free to write me a quick note here.

Tweetserye 1Tweetserye 2Tweetserye 3Tweetserye 4Tweetserye 5Tweetserye 6

If you are wondering what happened after that. Wait for the next update on this blog. =)


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