Tweets of the Soul: Jan 16-31

January 2016 felt like a roller coaster ride for me. As I was exploring a new career, I felt like someone who’s fresh out of college and just absorbing the new world outside. I’ve experienced so many highs and lows during this month. I also felt like giving up on several occasions. Everyday felt like a crash course to adulthood. So I tried my best to capture my “growing up” moments and here are some of those tweets.

Jan 26 Tweet copy

Jan 16: Grab opportunities to be someone else, like an actor does. If only to liberate us temporarily from the confines of a boring self.
Jan 17: I don’t know how single moms do it. Maybe it’s the survival instincts kicking in. I’m blessed my mom is a strong & kind woman.
Jan 18: When u’re comfy w/ a new grp of people, u allow urself to be a lil vulnerable before them. Then u find out if u can trust them 2b u.
Jan 19: Growing up requires some financial discipline & a character that facilitates sound mgmt of personal resources. I’m a late bloomer.
Jan 21: Maybe growing up includes learning how to peacefully co-exist w/ people u dislike, trying to be fair & kind to them. Let’s try that.
Jan 22: When things change fast & u can’t do anything abt it, adjust ur attitude & give the change a chance. Tame the rebel w/in & learn.
Jan 23: There are moments that are best enjoyed alone. To be comfortable in solitude & in the company of self is a sign of wellness.
Jan 20 Tweet copy==========
Jan 24: The bottom line is we all need intimacy – a true & soulful connection w/ people. Friendships, romance, family. We feel empty w/o it.
Jan 25: When we take the time to stop, observe & wonder abt the world around us, we’ll find things to care abt lyk stray cats & hungry kids.
Jan 27: One of the imp things in life is to be self-aware. Knowing who we really are includes openness to feedback & critical introspection.
Jan 28: The 1st important thing we do everyday is to show up. Show up even if u hv doubts, are fearful, feeling awkward or not in the mood.
Jan 29: There is freedom in being true to urself. It’s OK to accommodate others’ needs before urs & it’s OK too to stop pleasing them.
Jan 30: No act is small when u help meet basic needs of a community. If u want a meaningful life volunteer in nearby schools, brgy projs etc.
Jan 31: U were not born into this world 2b rejected or hv everything or be d center. Define ur purpose, defy expectations, live peacefully.


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