Tweets of the Soul: Jan 1-15

I started 2016 with a desire to document highlights of what I am learning or experiencing from my daily life. I’ve rediscovered Twitter a few weeks before the close of 2015 and had lots of fun talking to strangers. It was an outlet for someone like me who shamelessly loves instant gratification and is challenged by expressing my ideas in 140 characters or less. So I embarked on a project to tweet a personal lesson I learned, unlearned or re-learned as I face different situations in everyday life. Here’s a look at my highlights for the 1st 15 days of 2016.

Jan 4 Tweet copy

Jan 01: 6 wks in Twitter so far. It’s been a great time online. Tnx to new friends 4d wonderful convos. Here’s to 365 more days of tweeting!
Jan 02: Some loves are easy. Some require conscious effort. Some need more than motherhood statements & thrive w/ concrete expression.
Jan 03: Minsan ang kwento ay nagsisimula sa pagluluksa. Para malaman mo kung ano ang tunay na mahalaga sa’yo at sino ang laman ng puso mo.
Jan 05: Obligasyon. Pakikisama. Reward. Ilan sa mga salitang kasama sa bokabularyo ng tao. Lalo na kapag payday.
Jan 06: Life has a way of directing our attention to what we’re neglecting. It also takes out internal & external barriers to help us grow.
Jan 07: I’ve proven again today that concentrating on one thing helps me get better results & go beyond minimum expectations. Next goal pls!
Jan 13 Tweet copy==========
Jan 08: To realize that you need help and that you should help others along the way is the wisdom you get out of humble beginnings.
Jan 09: It’s interesting 2b known in diff ways by diverse grps. So many interests, so lil time. One must choose w/c version of u comes 1st.
Jan 10: It is imp to remember that YOU too hv a contribution to what makes ur family happy or sad, healthy or toxic. B4 blaming, check self.
Jan 11: A puzzle that inspires curiosity will lead u to new learning if u pursue it. It may also inspire u to care & help others better.

Jan 12: Good & bad things come & go. The struggle is to let go of both good & bad on a daily basis & learn to start over quickly the ff day.
Jan 14: The mighty is humbled. Those who seem weak & slow can teach u a thing or two abt life. When they rise above u… bow, learn, fight.
Jan 15: How time flies. Esp if ur working in a place that constantly challenges you. No room for othr things. Body, heart, mind, time given.



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